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This calculator will give you an estimation of your final superannuation balance when you choose to retire.   It also shows you the impact that investment returns and fees can have on your final balance.

Your financial planner can help by:

  • Helping you simplify the administration of your Superannuation.
  • Ensuring that your superannuation is cost effective and you are only paying for benefits that fit your needs.
    • e.g. life insurance through super that you may not require or doesn’t fit your current situation.
  • Discussing the benefit of contributions, including tax benefits, as a part of your overall financial strategy.
  • Giving you an idea of how your final super balance can translate into a retirement income, including your ability to qualify for the age pension.

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Assumptions & Disclaimers


  • This is a model, not a prediction
  • The results from this calculator are based on the limited information that you have provided and assumptions made about the future. The amounts projected are estimates provided by this model and are not guaranteed.
  • This calculator cannot predict your final superannuation benefit with certainty as it will depend on your personal circumstances including unexpected events in your life and external factors such as investment earnings, tax and inflation. This calculator assumes that you can make steady, predictable contributions and that all assumptions including these external factors will operate at set, steady rates for as long as you remain in the fund, even if events turn out differently from what’s assumed. These assumptions are essential so the calculator can show the effect of things you may be able to control, such as choosing a low-fee fund.
  • You should consider updating the projections provided by this model regularly as your circumstances may change. You can also change and update some of the assumptions to reflect your personal circumstances.
  • Do not rely solely on this calculator to make decisions about your retirement, there may be other factors to take into account. Consider your own investment objectives, financial situation and needs. We recommend that you speak to one of our licensed financial planners about getting advice.


  • The calculator works for accumulation funds only. It will not work for defined benefit funds.
  • We assume your account balance will receive all income and outgoings mid-year.
  • Results that are shown in today’s dollars are adjusted for inflation. We make the following assumptions on inflation:
    • 2.5% each year due to the rising cost of living (CPI inflation)
    • A further 1.0% each year due to the cost of rising community living standards
    • These can be adjusted in the calculator based on your expectations.
  • We assume that your employer contributes 9.5% of your gross annual salary, which can be altered as required. In future years we assume that:
    • Your voluntary contributions will increase with inflation
    • You will satisfy the work test at older ages and so are able to contribute
    • Your employer contribution rate will increase by 0.5% per annum from 1 July 2021 until SG reaches and stays at 12% from 1 July 2025 onwards
  • We adjust your concessional (before tax) contributions so they do not exceed the contributions cap
  • We adjust your non-concessional (after tax) contributions so they do not exceed the contributions cap.
    • We do not allow for a higher cap and do not allow for the bring forward rule.
  • Results are shown as at 12 months after your calculation, based on your current age.
  • We have assumed the returns shown in the calculator.
    • Actual returns will vary significantly from year to year and could be negative in some years, particular for investments where a large percentage is invested in growth/risky assets. The calculator does not allow for such variations from year to year. 
    • Asset allocations of investment options may differ from fund to fund and should be taken into account when comparing.
  • We assume that you have provided your Tax File Number to your super fund.
  • We allow for 15% tax to be deducted from your employer and concessional contributions. We assume a level of tax will be taken from earnings prior to retirement.
  • Tax on excess contributions is not relevant as we automatically cap your contributions.
    • We do not allow for any other tax
  • We assume that administration fees are taken mid-year on average and are tax deductible to the fund.
    • We also assume that administration fees will increase each year with inflation.
  • We assume that contribution fees are charged as contributions are paid into the super and are tax deductible to the super fund.
  • Investment fees are fees relating to the management of your investment and are directly deducted from your account.
    • We assume that investment fees are charged mid-year on average and are tax deductible to your fund.
  • Indirect Cost Ratio represents costs that are deducted from investment returns before returns are applied to your account.
    • We assume this fee is charged mid-year on average and are tax deductible to your fund.
  • Adviser service fees charged as a percentage, are based on the opening value of your fund each year. If charged as a flat dollar, they are increased with inflation each year. 
  • We assume that insurance premiums will be charged at the same rate until retirement.
    • We assume that insurance premiums are tax deductible to the fund.