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This calculator can help you estimate the repayments on your mortgage as well as compare against an alternative scenario, showing the impact of different levels of debt and different interest rates.

You can also estimate how long you loan will take to pay off, based on your current repayments and interest rate.

Your financial planner can help by:

  • Ensuring the repayment of your mortgage fits with the rest of your long term financial strategy
  • Discussing the different types of debt available, including the difference between good and bad debt.
  • Discussing strategies to reduce the interest you pay over the term of your loan.

Referring you to a mortgage specialist who can ensure you have the most cost effective loan that suits your needs.

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Assumptions & Disclaimers


  • This is a model, not a prediction
  • Amounts and payment periods are estimates only, actual amount may be higher or lower
  • Results are based on the information you have provided and do not take into account your personal circumstances.
  • It applies to loans where your regular payments include both interest and principal.
  • Initial inputs will be displayed on the left hand side of the graph, while the alternative scenario (if applicable) will be displayed on the right hand side.
  • This calculator does not guarantee you will be eligible for a loan. You will need to satisfy your lender’s criteria.
  • This calculator should not be your sole source of information. We would be happy to refer you to a licensed financial mortgage professional to discuss further. 


  • Interest rates do not change for the life of the loan
  • Interest rate is calculated by compounding on the same frequency as the repayment selected
  • It does not take into account upfront fees, such as loan establishment fees
  • It does not consider your ability to the make the repayments shown and any impact a rise in interest rates will have on your situation.